Swimming Pool Disha

We have made this Pool with in a short time. Filtration system design in such a way that all pool water will be filtered in 8 hrs. we are adding TCC for disinfection.

With help of filtration system there is no need to to empty swimming pool for fresh water.


Swimming Pool Disha:

  • This pool capacity is 400000 Ltrs.
  • Its one of the largest swimming pool in Disha.
  • This pool is overflow type pool.

The water from the swimming pool splashes out and enters the scum channel from where the water is carried to the balancing tank. This balancing tank is of the same height of the pool and of the designed capacity which works both as collection tank from pool overflows and also the filter feed sump for the pressure sand filter feed pumps.


This balancing tank is connected to the 2 nos. drain valve with spindle required when the pool has to be drained for cleaning purpose. These valves generally remain close.


Jaival Water Management is one of the best Swimming Pool Filtration System Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier.


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