Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting System

Advantages of using Rain filters:-

  • Purifies and reduces salinity and fluoride contents in the Bore well.
  • Provides potable Drinking Water.
  • Provides sufficient water for Irrigation.
  • Reduces Storm water discharges, and also avoids overflowing of sewage water


Roof Top Rainwater Harvesting System:

‘Rain’ Filters are the first of its kind in the country designed to be fixed to the WALL by connecting Rooftop drain water pipes. When the rainwater flows by gravity and enters the filter at specific velocity it creates COHESIVE FORCE which segregates dirt particles and clean water individually.

Thus dirt particles and waste material are flushed out through the DRAIN OUTLET, while the clean rain water passes through CLEAN WATER OUTLET, which can be used for re-utilization or recharging of bore wells.

The size of the filter will be decided by calculation area of Roof top.

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