Water ATM

Water ATM gives water by inserting coin. It also gives water by scanning card.

Advantage of this machine is any time you can collect water, so there is no need to stand in Queue.

Recharge the card first  so no collection is required.

All water dispense record will be come in to mail in human language.


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Water ATM:

Water ATM some times call ATW (Any time Water). This concept comes in our director mind when he was visited a small village in his home town. He was happy the corporation/Nagar palika had installed the R.O plant for drinking water for village people. But after a time he came to know that R.O plant was not working and people are drinking untreated water.He try to find out the fact and came amazing fact that ” Normal Routine maintenance was not done by Nagar palika  because of less fund collected by the operator.” Moreover water production is more then the Fund collected?

To Stop recurring business he thought water will be drawn out automatically with the help of Card OR Coin. Based on this idea we develop the water ATM. It will give you water starting fro 1 Lts to 20 Lts. Storage capacity of the plant is 250 to 500 Ltrs. It is a fully automatic Machine.



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