88 M3/hr – Ultra Filtration RO Plant

Plant is design for filtration of portable water. Some times Raw water TDS is less but due to some impurities and heavy metal water filtration is required. In African countries people are facing same problem. where R.O plant is not required actually but UF plant followed by UV treatment will be preferable.


This plant having two stream (44 +44 m3/hr)  with one standby Plant.

The pollution of fresh water ( whether it is underground OR above the ground)  increasing demands with regard to health and the quality of our water magnify the availability problem. Water purification, therefore, will play a key role in the coming decades in the world-wide growth in health and prosperity. There is a need for robust, selective and economical purification techniques. In addition, recycling of wastewater is going to determine a large part of the success of these new technologies. Ultra  filtration is one of the most promising technologies that has emerged in the past decade covering all these requirements.


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