43000 LPH – Ultra Filtration Water Treatment Plants

Because of skid base system this type of Plant is easy for erection and commissioning.

Less apace is required.Plug and play formula will be applied for such a system. This is a PLC base fully automatic plant. As per feed water quality CEB(Chemical Enhance Backwash) decided.


Plant capacity is 43 m3/hr. this is a skid base plant you can shift easily. This plant are design for treated effluent water.

The feed water (ETP or Treated) is hereby pressed into the module by a pump, and permeates through the membrane due to the trans-membrane pressure (TMP) difference. Depending on the membrane’s pore size, water contaminants are being rejected by the membrane and remain in the feed water.

In order to avoid a too high concentration of rejected contaminants, which can consist of colloids as well as molecules, atoms or ions, a part of the feed is taken out of the system as concentrate. Too high concentration of contaminants in a membrane system can lead to mineral scaling on the membrane or fouling of membrane.

Chemical Enhance backwash system is provided to avoid scaling or Fouling of membrane.

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