3000 LPH – Demineralisation Water Treatment Plant

Raw Water is passed via two small ion exchange resins beds. While the cations get exchanged with hydrogen ions in first bed, the anions are exchanged with hydroxyl ions, in the second Bed.
this plant capacity is 3000 LPH used in boiler feed water plant.

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Demineralization is the process of removing mineral salts from Water by using the ion exchange process.
Demineralized (DM) Water also known as Deionized Water, Water that has had its mineral ions removed. Mineral ions such as cations of sodium, calcium, iron, copper, etc and anions such as chloride, sulphate, nitrate, etc are common ions present in Water. De-ionization is a physical process which uses specially-manufactured ion exchange resins. Because the majority of Water impurities are dissolved salts, De-ionization produces a high purity Water that is generally similar to distilled Water, and this process is quick and without scale buildup. De-mineralization technology is the proven process for treatment of Water. A DM Water System produces mineral free Water by operating on the principles of ion exchange, Degasification, and polishing. Demineralized Water System finds wide application in the field of steam, power, process, and cooling.


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