Water Harvesting – A Boon for South African Countries

Rainwater Harvesting
Water Crisis has emerged one of the most disastrous issue since last few decades globally and South African countries are very much affected to it and it did not happen in a day or in a year.   South Africa is recognized as a water-scarce country in terms of a commonly used definition, namely that of the average “total actual renewable water resources” (TARWR) per person per year. As per this definition, South Africa is the 29th dry country out of 193 countries, with an estimated availability of 1110 cubic metres (m3) of water per person in 2005.   From Ancient time Water has been a natural resource supporting the economy and society of any country and each country must adapt an approach how to be water secure country, You can imagine as of Now Citizen of Cape Town – South Africa is allowed to use only 87 liters of water per person per day which does include cleaning too.   Keeping the scenario in consideration countries from south africa has started to takin...
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